Lesson cancellations

Saturday June 3rd

Saturday June 10th

New classes in Southsea - Karate and Tai Chi

New and returning students accepted. Prior grades recognised.

Please feel free to turn up to a class, no prior experience required. No need to book. Classes are pay as you go, £5 children/students, £7adults (free if accompanying a child).

Please ensure Sensei Tyrie has your up to date contact details.

Video lessons and news will be put on Facebook Page, and Shintai YouTube page. Oss.

Hirakazu Kanazawa - karate master 10th Dan. Shintai follows his Ryu (school).

What's New

  • Karate Wednesdays, Havelock Community Hall. 7.00 -8.00pm.
  • Karate Saturday morning class 9.30-10.30am St. Swithun's Church Hall, Waverly Road
  • Sunday morning class 10.30 - 11.30am Tai Chi and Qigong at the Havelock Community Centre Large Room.



Thank you to everyone who has continued to support the karate classes, life has lots of pressures so your attendance is really appreciated.

As I have said previously if you know anyone who might be interested in trying out karate encourage them to give it a go, they might like it!


The Saturday class is for all ages and abilities. Wednesday evenings is for adults and older children. I also teach Tai Chi and Qigong on Sunday mornings 10.30 -11.30 at the Havelock Community Centre for adults.


I also post information on the Website, Facebook page and I have some videos on YouTube showing warmups, basic exercises and some kumite and kata. These will be added to in the future, so there will be a reference source if you wish to check on things.


Future Events



The next grading for all students will be Saturday June 24th

Grading fee is £20, which includes training cost, belt and certificate.

To grade you will need a Gi (uniform) and for official recognition an association licence.



There won’t be any class on the following dates

Wednesday May 10th, Saturday May 13th

Saturday June 3rd


Contact information

Please let me know if you change ‘phone number, as I need up to date contact information in case someone feels ill or has an accident (or if I am unable to teach and have to cancel a class at short notice).

I hope to put together a WhatsApp group to pass on information e.g. closure reminders.




Oss , Iain

Archive News

IASK Championships 2017

Well done to Ethan and Zac, Gold and Bronze medals.

Super effort from all, especially Blythe who lost out due to a judging error (we can say that, as the Judge was from Shintai!)

IASK Championships 2016

Well done to Darren Turner Bronze medal in kumite. Ethan Turner Bronze medal in kata. Zachory Turner, Silver in both kata and kumite. Ayush and Will, no medals this time, but super effort all the same.

Grading February 2016

IASK Championships 2015

Well done to Lawrie Turner Bronze medal in kumite

     Ethan Turner Bronze medal in kata

     Zachory Turner, no medal but super effort.