How can I enrol?

Anyone interested can just turn up and train on the day. You will need to inform the instructor if you have any health issues they need to be aware of (e.g. asthma).

Do I need a "uniform"/What should I wear?

Just wear loose, comfortable clothing (e.g. jogging bottoms and t-shirt). Eventually you may wish to purchase a Gi (karate suit/uniform). Sensei Tyrie can get you a Gi, or you can source oneyourself.

What age do I have to be?

We allow anyone from age 5 upwards to train on Saturday mornings. To train on Wednesday evenings you need to be at least 16 (unless you have "graduated up" from a junior class). There is no upper age limit!! (Though check with your Doctor if you are over 70).

Is it safe?

Karate has a very good record for safety. As with any physical activity there are risks (e.g. pulled muscles, minor strains), however compared to many sports it is far safer. Contact is limited, and we are a non-competitive club, and this also reduces risks.

If you are still unsure, come along and watch!

Will I learn self-defence?

Karate started off as a a combat system for self-defence. Self-defence is included in lessons, though not taught specifically as self-defence. If you want to learn self-defence quickly NO martial art will teach it! However, if a martial art such as karate is studied for some time the student will learn how to defend themselves - and, more importantly gain the confidence to hopefully AVOID situations that put them at risk.

Any other questions? 

Come along and ask, or contact Sensei Tyrie (see about page)

Funakoshi Gichin - founder of Shotokan Karate