Shintai  Karate

Shintai Karate has been established in Luton since 2006.

The club is affiliated to the International Association of Shotokan Karate (IASK) established by Shihan Nicholas Adamou 9th Dan, following the Shotokan style of Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa 10th Dan.

The club welcomes students from other associations and styles - we believe in enjoying our karate - no politics - no ego - no way/style any better (just different!). to come and train.

Beginners are welcome at any time - we don't do introductory courses, lessons are tailored/differentiated to meet the needs of those training.

You want to get fitter, more flexible, better co-ordination, less stressed, and hopefully better equipped to look after yourself - then give it a try!

Contact details - tel. 01582 735802

   mob. 07941490181

   email   iain@shintaikarate.co.uk


Instructor Profiles

Sensei Iain Tyrie 7th Dan

  • 7th Dan IASK
  • Sensei Tyrie first started training in the BKA under Sensei Mick Payne in 1974. After several years break, during which he obtained a degree in Biological Sciences, he re-started training with SKI in 1981, training with Sensei's Charlie Potter, Tiru Manium (Chief Instructor SKIIF Malaysia), Les and Simon McDonnell. He obtained his Shodan from H. Kanazawa in 1989. Leading up to this period he trained with Sensei's Kanazawa, Asano, Kasuya and Koga. He also trained with Vince Morris and Paul Perry (and spent some time training in Wadu Ryu while training to be a teacher in Nottingham).
  • In 1989 Sensei Tyrie first trained with Sensei Adamou and decided to join the newly formed N.A.S.K. (now I.A.S.K.) after seeing how close Sensei Adamou's techniques were to Sensei Kanazawa.
  • Sensei Tyrie ran the St. George's School Karate club in Harpenden from 1989 to 2000 (where he taught Biology and was Head of House).
  • Sensei Tyrie has continued to train in Shotokan, and in addition to the above named instructors hard trained with Sensei's N.Kanazawa, D.Kanazawa,Y. Sumi, M. Yahara, A. Isaka, Akita and Murakami, as well as senior UK instructors Terry O'Neill, Robert Sidoli, Richard Amos and Simon Oliver. (Sensei Tyrie was recognised as a 3rd Dan by the JKA in 1998 and was for several years Assistant Instructor with Sensei Fred Daniels JKL).
  • After "retiring" from teaching karate in 2000 (though still training and doing some instructing) Sensei Tyrie was persuaded to start a new club in 2006 - and "Shintai" was born!

Sensei Lawrie Turner 4th Dan

  • Sensei Turner has trained in Shotokan karate for over 20 years as a member of the Shotokan Karate International Federation (SKIF) grading under H. Kanazawa to Nidan.

  • Sensei Turner was awarded his 4th Dan by Shihan Adamou on November 23rd 2015.

  • A long time member of Sensei Stephen Marriott's Yamakai group, Sensei Turner has recently joined Shintai and the IASK. Sensei Turner brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the club.


The club is fortunate enough to have many links to other instructors/associations (some of these may come teach, or just come to train at Shintai).


These include -

Sensei Nicholas Adamou 9th Dan (our Chief Instructor)


Sensei Simon Oliver 7th Dan JKR-UK


Sensei Riza Yeha 7th Dan IASK

Sensei Patrick Prendergast 5th Dan IASK


Sensei Stephen Marriott 4th Dan (SKIIF National Squad Coach)



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