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Shintai  Karate

Future Events

In House competition - Saturday June 22nd

IASK  2019 Championships - October date tbc

Black & Brown belt training every second Wednesday of the month.

Open seminar with Katsu Tiru Jr. Sensei, date tbc..

What's New

  • New times at St. Christopher's dojo. 7.30-8.45pm.
  • New class - Wednesdays, Bushmead Hub, Main hall.

IASK Championships 2017

Well done to Ethan and Zac, Gold and Bronze medals.

Super effort from all, especially Blythe who lost out due to a judging error (we can say that, as the Judge was from Shintai!)

Hirakazu Kanazawa - karate master 10th Dan. Shintai follows his Ryu (school).

IASK Championships 2016

Well done to Darren Turner Bronze medal in kumite. Ethan Turner Bronze medal in kata. Zachory Turner, Silver in both kata and kumite. Ayush and Will, no medals this time, but super effort all the same.

Grading February 2016

IASK Championships 2015

Well done to Lawrie Turner Bronze medal in kumite

     Ethan Turner Bronze medal in kata

     Zachory Turner, no medal but super effort.